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About Us

   The Independent Community Healthcare Centre in Pieszyce has been operating since 1st June 2000. All employees successfully fulfill our main aim to provide a full range of professional daily health services. Thus, we try to introduce the inhabitants to advanced diagnostic and medicinal methods as well as to prevention and rehabilitation – recently so elusive in Poland. We also managed to prove that establishing a modern diagnostic and specialized centre in a small clinic is possible.
   The basis for us to start was examining the needs of health services among the local community. Then, we analyzed the inhabitants' health status, types of frequent illnesses and risks of various diseases. The results were compared to presently available health services in order to find any gaps. In consequence, using the current knowledge, we opened a specialized diagnostic out-patient clinic – the one and only in our area.
   Since the very beginning, we have been constantly trying to increase the quality of our health care services. For instance, we regularly organise so called „white Saturdays” during which our patients may meet doctors and perform a free diagnosis. Furthermore, there are preventive and screening examinations for people from the nearest area and the poviat (e.g. densitometry, mammography, mycological examination, vascular flow). Our employees provided their own screening examination, for instance, they examined 1000 people for colorectal cancer. By the way of local feasts, our ICHC Centre distributes leaflets and conducts free blood pressure examinations, as well as, sugar and cholesterol level. Until 2006, we established a new plan for our centre: we implemented innovative managing, communication, work organisation and employee team consolidation. Moreover, we took actions to change a difficult situation of Public Health Care in Poland.
   2006 was a real milestone in the history of the ICHC Centre in Pieszyce. At that time, we successfully implemented a project to purchase new medical appliances and equipment for our Centre. The project was possible due to the ZPORR funds (Integrated Regional Development Operational Programme) worth 573 726, 59 PLN and was in 75% co-financed by EFRR (European Regional Development Fund). The entire new equipment was crucial for the further development of our Centre. In addition, at the same time, after 4 years of conceptual designs, projects, technical and legal actions, we received a written building permit.
   Another meaningful point for the Centre, was a project as a part of RPOWD (Regional Operational Programme for the Lower Silesia Voievodship) to build the ICHC Centre in Pieszyce between 2007 - 2013 (Stage I, II, III) and to buy modern appliances for this purpose. This project was worth 7 710 578, 80 PLN and co-financed by RPOWD in 85%. Since 1st January 2011, the new building of the ICHC Centre in Pieszyce is a modular, over 1600m² and well-equipped in media structure. Beside primary health care, there are also specialized out-patient clinics - one of a kind in our area. A similar situation concerns diagnostic services - there are professional units, including gastrointestinal endoscopy, MRI, electromyography, EEG and cardiac electrodiagnostics.
   High-quality medical appliances and well-qualified medical staff encourage other people to take advantage of our Centre every day. Moreover, we have one more asset - the place provides comprehensive services. All the projects mentioned above enabled us to extend the medical services, as well as, to improve their quality and supply the demand of the inhabitants in Pieszyce. We have been leading various preventive programmes and screenings which improved a health status of the local people. Presently, the ICHC Centre in Pieszyce provides medical services as follows:
prevention of diseases and injuries; promoting healthy behaviours,
- analyzing the health condition of the population and determining the needs for health care,
- providing medical, preventive, consultative, diagnostic and rehabilitative services in stationary conditions and out-patient clinics,
- health promotion,
- pregnant women and newborns care,
- providing outpatient services and treatment,
- dentistry and prosthodontics services,
- diagnostic tests,
- performing vaccinations,
- providing consultation services and  treatment in specialized out-patient clinics.
   Since 2002, the ICHC Centre sets positive financial results which confirm our proper functioning. A lot of various disease entities are diagnosed and treated in Pieszyce. They include almost all areas of medicine, for instance: developmental disorders, internist diseases, oncological diseases (gastrointestinal tract, lungs, breasts, prostate, reproductive organs, head), cardiovascular diseases, musculoskeletal disorders, neurological and sensory organs disorders (optical, laryngological), gynecological diseases, endocrine diseases, skin diseases, trauma-orthopedic disorders, psychiatric disorders and gastrointestinal disorders. At present, there are over 100 well-qualified employees. The ICHC Centre also provides night and holiday care services covering all inhabitants of our poviat. Thereby, the place is opened 24 hours a day.
   In diagnosis and therapy, we work closely with many other medical units. In particular, active cooperation covers the County Hospital in Dzierżoniów, Specialized Health Care Centre for lung diseases and tuberculosis in Rościszów, the Hospital in Świdnica (called "The Kite"), the Silesian Oncology Centre in Wrocław and the Military Hospital in Wrocław. The direct contact between our Centre and doctors from other clinical units and large hospitals brings tangible benefits in reducing the time spent for a correct diagnosis and implementing optimum treatment. From the very beginning, we pay a particular attention to prevention and early diagnosis of cancer, including all inhabitants of the Pieszyce County and the Poviat of Dzierżoniów (for example a poviat and ministerial screening programme of colorectal cancer, prevention of tobacco-related diseases, women Pap tests, ultrasound and mammography tests, screening for prostate cancer). Currently, the ICHC Centre in Pieszyce continues:
a screening programme of colorectal cancer funded by the Ministry of Health;
- a programme for early detection of cervical cancer funded by NHS (National Health Service in Poland);
- a mammography performed in specially equipped buses approximately every 3-6 months - these tests are performed free of charge by external companies.
Presently, in the ICHC Centre in Pieszyce people can find:
1. primary healthcare;
2. medical social worker;
3. social midwife;
4. general dentistry and prosthodontics;
5. specialized out-patient clinics include units as follows:
  - ob-gyn ultrasound, colposcopy, CTG, diagnostic procedures, cytology;
  - proctologic;
   - general surgery;
   - oncology;
   - gastroenterological;
   - neurological;
   - ENT;
   - dermatology, cryotherapy;
   - mental health;
   - urology - ultrasound and treatment;
   - orthopedic-traumatic;
   - rheumatology;
   - ophthalmology;
   - cardiology;
   - pain treatment.
6. medical day treatment unit: general surgery - varicose vein surgery and hernia;
7. diagnostic units:
   - radiological laboratory, all typed of X-ray (doctor's referral required);
   - ultrasound unit - abdomen, thyroid, testicles ultrasound examinations;
   - Doppler ultrasound - vertebral arterial flow (doctor's referral required);
   - EMG unit - electromyography (doctor's referral required);
   - EEG unit - electroencephalography (doctor's referral required);
   - laboratory diagnostics;
8. MRI unit
Tests are performed without waiting. MRI description is available within 24 hours. With the use of telemedicine in urgent cases, the test result is available even within an hour;
9. Gastrointestinal endoscopy unit:
   - gastroscopy, rectoscopy, sigmoidoscopy, colonoscopy;
   - polypectomy, removal of early neoplastic changes, mucosectomy, argon beamer treatment, bleeding control and other endoscopic procedures;
10. Electrodiagnostics unit
   - Holter ECG - 24h record;
   - cardiac diagnostic tests (doctor's referral required);
11. Audiology unit - hearing tests in audiometric booth, the selection of hearing aids;
12. Visual field test - static perimetry.
Without the NHS contract, our service includes:
1. Medical day treatment:
   - orthopaedic - arthroscopy, carpal tunnel syndrome;
   - ENT - septum, nasal polyps, tonsils (laryngoscopy, otoscopy, sinoscopy);
2. Endocrinology unit;
3. Oncology unit;
4. Allergy unit;
5. Rehabilitation unit (SoLux lamp, massage, cryotherapy, laser, electrotherapy) .

Occupational medicine:
preliminary and periodic medical examinations;
- drivers' tests;
- medical examination for work at heights;
- work qualifications.
Preventative programmes:
screening to detect colorectal cancer funded by the Ministry of Health;
- preventive programme of cardiovascular diseases funded by the NHS;
- tuberculosis prevention programme;
- glaucoma prevention;
- prevention of cervical cancer. 
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